Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mizuno MX 100 Irons

Mizuno Golf are on the brink of a new golf equipment launch in the Mizuno MX 100 Irons along with some other models which I will be reviewing shortly. The brand new Mizuno MX 100 Irons are very exciting in their design, made with new golfers to high and mid handicap players in mind the MX 100 is going to be a favourite with lots of golfers.

Featuring a ultra pocket cavity for great launch and distance off the club face similar to the very popular MX 19 irons which these clubs are following and the Y-design across the back of the club head which allows for a huge sweet spot on the club face. The Y-Design on the club head cleverly helps with better performing miss hits in the toe area of the club head, which is where the Mizuno club makes have identified where amauters miss hit the golf ball.

For the 1st chance to see the Mizuno MX 100 Irons being struck go to http://www.4golfonline.com/ to watch the video review in early September 2008.